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Get It While You Can

by D. Barnes © 2003 D. Barnes

Key: C Time: 4/4

Get It While You Can

by D. Barnes © 2003 D. Barnes

Key: C

Verse 1:

CThere’s a woman out side with her red dress on Giving me cause to recollect my Gmind She don't Fsee me with my torn up blue Cjeans on Wondering Cwhy her good ol’ Gfeller ain't got the Ctime C7


Better Fget it while you can Brother, Cget it while you can When I’m home from working I’m a hungry Gman I Flike your biscuits in my Cgravy ma'am Before the Cstores all close Gget it while you Ccan

Verse 2:

CWhen I left home for to make my way Seeking fortune, what did I Gfind? My Fpick-up trucks on blocks, my Clandlord changed my locks Got my Chat in hand Gwaiting in the welfare Cline

Verse 3:

There’s a Crich man thinks I’m out to underhand Cause my car she don't shine when I Gdrive I’ve Fnever drawn a day of vaCcation time I got a Cwoman at home, she’ll Gease my troubled Cmind (Chorus)

Verse 4:

My Cmotorcycle runs like greased up lightning, son And I know where the fish are gonna bite all Gday My Fpistol barks like that old Cbulldog there I pay my Cbills, sing my Gsongs and then I draw my Cpay (Chorus)