The Bottom Dwellers


Released October 12, 2022

Growing weary of the pandemic lockdown of 2020–2021, the Bottom Dwellers decided to resume their weekly rehearsals after receiving their vaccinations. These rehearsals took place outside, and only when the air quality would permit it. Northern California was inundated with smoke from record-setting wildfires during much of this time.

In the fall and winter months, the band huddled around a fire pit (at a respectable social distance) to keep warm while they played. With music venues shut down, there wasn’t much to do but write, so that’s what they did. Fireside is a collection of songs written during this time. It takes its name from both the inferno that engulfed much of their home state, as well as the source of heat that made these rehearsals possible.

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  1. Fireside
  2. Back to Work
  3. Easy on the Jake
  4. Invisible Woman
  5. Cody Riggs
  6. The Shadow Catcher
  7. New Glass
  8. Swing Era
  9. The Waitress and the Widower
  10. Shine When I Fall
  11. Confidence and Arrogance
  12. Who Cares

Complete Liner Notes

  • Chris Eynon - Drums, Percussion
  • Robbie Thayer - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
  • Mark Eagleton - Bass
  • Ivan Sohrakoff - Vocals, Electric Guitar
  • Max Hart - Pedal Steel, Piano, Keys, Guitar
  • Frances Thayer - Vocals

All songs written by the Bottom Dwellers. Produced by Max Hart. Recorded live at the Thayer home in Woodland, CA. Engineered by Max Hart. Mixed by Brad Bivens. Mastered by John Baldwin at Infrasonic Sound. Photograph and jacket design by Mark Eagleton.

Songs 1, 3, 6, 8, & 9 by Ivan Sohrakoff
Songs 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, & 12 by Robbie Thayer
© & Ⓟ 2022 ASCAP