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In The Sky

by Robbie Thayer © 2013 Bottom Dwellers

In The Sky

by Robbie Thayer © 2013 Bottom Dwellers


Daylight shines on a dry winter morning
There's only a couple leaves left in the tree
Woke up early couldn't go back to sleep
Don't know how I'll pay for the heat

Engine winds as I clime on the freeway
Feels good to rev it that high
Stop at the store before the sunrise
It's always quieter when it's cold out side

In the sky there's a light that rewards me
In your eyes there's a dream that ignores me

Down at work things are getting slow
Boss says lately it's time for a change
No more chances, today's the day
Gonna take my cut in pay


Machine's broke gotta pay inside
Pay in cash and the price goes down
Open the door and climb in the seat
Start the engine and crank the heat

Chorus x2

Download chart: in-the-sky.txt